• Create the Boho gender-neutral nursery of your dreams

    Earthy tone nursery shelf decor | Yarn tassel garland hanging under shelf. Shelf features earthy kids decor

    Boho gender-neutral nursery must haves for 2020 and 2021

    Whether Boho or Scandi, nursery interiors continue to move away from the traditional blue and pink colour palettes. With Pinterest searches up 527%, the gender-neutral nursery trend continues in 2020. Parents now want to be more inclusive, giving their children the freedom to explore colour and play without limitation. Use of softer, neutral palettes, texture and key gender-neutral pieces are now the go-to inspiration for parents to be.

    No matter if it’s a first-time bub or another addition to the family, we’ve curated a list of the must-have gender-neutral items for 2020-2021. Elysia and Renee from Mini Minx Kids and sought-after Sydney interior stylist Emma Blomfield share the current trends, and their tips on how to create the gender-neutral nursery of your dreams.

    Image of the Hunter and Nomad Cotton rust dot rug. A cream-coloured rug featuring rust-coloured dots and cream tassels. The rug sits on the floor in a nursery, surrounded by neutral furniture and accessories.
    Hunter and Nomad - Cotton rust dot rug

    Designing a Boho gender-neutral nursery

    It all starts with the design. It’s the key to creating a space you’ll love, and the right design upfront can save a lot of headaches down the track. Whether you’re scrolling Pinterest boards, magazines, or Instagram, collect images of trends, furniture and accessories you like. Then place them on a mood board and start to bring your gender-neutral nursery to life. Start with your overall colour palette and go from there. Once you’ve made a few key decisions, the rest of the concept can quickly fall into place.

    Cream Cactus Silk Cushion on nursery rocking chair

     Mini Minx Kids - Cactus Silk Cushion

    Current design trends

    The Scandi-trend that saw cool tones of grey, white and black, has now given way to a warmer, Boho feel according to Renee and Elysia, founders of Mini Minx Kids.
    “Gender-neutral nurseries have been an extremely popular trend this year. The trend is now shifting to incorporate more earthy tones which perfectly suit either gender. Think warm and earthy muted colours, such as rust, mustard and clay. These pair perfectly with rattan furniture, wooden toys and textured rugs and cushions. 
    “We love this colour palette for a gender-neutral space as it lends itself beautifully to slight style variations down the track. For instance, if you want to change it up once your baby is a bit older, you can easily add a shade of pink or blue to the palette. These mix perfectly with the muted tones while still keeping that earthy Boho feel.”
    Image of the 7pm Linen clay-coloured fitted bassinet sheet.

    7PM Linen - Clay fitted bassinet sheet

     Tips for your design plan

    We know that creating a design plan can be a little overwhelming, especially for the ‘non-designer’ or those without a clear vision, so here are a few things to keep in mind:

    • Decide on the non-negotiable items. This could be a particular piece of furniture, a concept or a colour;
    • Create a colour palette – monochrome is best. Keep the walls neutral but also consider feature walls or an oversized mural. Wall decals are a current on-trend option. Perfect for renters or in a space where a non-permanent option is needed; a wall decal can add that special something to any nursery;
    • Bring in textures through blinds and rugs. A mixture of tone, texture, pattern and scale can take your gender-neutral nursery from ho-hum to yum!
    • Good lighting is key – make it soft and ambient with dimmers fitted or consider feature lighting and lamps. You don’t want to be sitting in a light-filled room for that 2am feed;
    • Consider functional storage throughout the nursery;
    • Convenience is key. It’s often a good idea to think of the room in zones; a sleeping zone, feeding zone, changing area and play zone. A growing trend is to install a mini-fridge and feeding station into the nursery, especially if feeding bub is going to be a shared task;
    • Finally, don’t make the room too baby specific, that way, bub can ‘grow into’ the room.
    Image features Mini Minx Kids handmade yarn tassel garland in earthy tones hanging on white nursery wall.

    Mini Minx Kids - Earthy Tone Tassel Garland

    If the overwhelm is kicking in about now, you could always call in the pros. I ask interiors specialist Emma Blomfield how a designer can help. "If you're someone who appreciates a beautifully decorated space but doesn't have time to dedicate to the process. Or, if you don't want to drag the kids all over the city looking at homewares, paint colours and furniture, then it's worth calling in the experts. I help my clients source all the specific pieces we want to place in the nursery right down to storage items, rugs, cushions, cot linen and artwork. We pull it all together in a mood board and then start the purchase process. Once it's all been delivered, I visit the nursery to style up a storm before bub arrives!"

    If you’re designing on a budget, Emma says it’s as simple as knowing where to shop. ” Invest in the big-ticket items like the cot and rocking chair,” says Emma. “Then scale the budget back for items like artwork, cushions and a rug”.

    Etsy is a great place to find on-trend printable artwork that is really affordable. Purchase the digital file and then print the image yourself. It’s a great way to save some money without compromising on style.

    Image of the Iron & Cub Macramé. The rainbow has earthy tones and is made from a mix of hand-dyed chunky cotton rope.

    Iron and Cub - Chunky Rainbow Autumn

    Colour is key

    The gender-neutral nursery is all about the colour palette. Where dove greys, white and the cooler tones were once the go-to shades, the current trend is towards neutral colours with softer hues giving a feeling of warmth. According to Emma Blomfield, “sticking to the warmer end of the neutral’s spectrum, rather than cool whites and greys, will stay trendy for years to come. Straw colours, sandy tones and beiges are ideal here”.

    Think one or two solid coloured walls and then a feature wall, consider a theme or bring the outdoors in with greenery. Dried flowers are a popular and growing trend at the moment and a great option for time poor mums. They don’t require any maintenance and are great value for money as they’ll last a lifetime.

    Image of the Mowgli Studio pot. The cream-coloured pot features a hand-painted rainbow in earthy tones and sits on a tree stump.

    Mowgli Studio - Deep Dreaming Rainbow Pot

    Theme it up

    If you’re looking to create something unique for bub, why not consider a themed approach to your design. From the monochrome-coloured theme to a jungle paradise, there are plenty of gender-neutral options to consider. Here are some suggestions:

    • Nature-themed – whether it’s the jungle or the farm, animal themes are always on-trend. Bring in the brighter earthy tones and contrast with natural fibres and textures;
    • Pick a colour and go for it. That’s what the monochrome theme is all about. Whether it’s gorgeous greys, shades of green or the on-trend warmer Boho shades, you can take the colour from the walls to the linens and room accessories;
    • Go full whimsy and add vintage twists;
    • Think celestial – it’s all in the stars; or
    • Go dotty with a feature wall that incorporates dots or your favourite shape. Use wallpaper, decals or if you’re feeling brave, grab that paintbrush and start stencilling.


    Whether it’s an old school rocking chair, or a vintage-inspired crib or dresser, the use of traditional wooden furniture complements the current Boho theme perfectly. It not only allows the nursery to grow with bub but pale wood furniture and baskets, made from natural fibres, bring warmth and functionality to your Boho nursery style.

    Another trend we’re seeing for the Boho gender-neutral nursery, in particular, is the repurposing of existing furniture pieces. Think a vintage chest of drawers doubling as a changing table. Not only adding extra storage but it’s practical at the same time.

    Image of Sacred Bundle Bassinet in the corner of a neutral toned nursery. The bassinet has rust-coloured bedding and is surrounded but other neutral furniture items and accessories.

    Sacred Bundle - Louie Bassinet

    Accessorise with style

    Now it’s time to find those perfect finishing touches to complete your Boho style. According to Emma Blomfield, “texture is key with a gender-neutral nursery. Play up the number of textures you use in a space when adding those final touches to make it interesting. These are elements like sheepskins, timber tones, cottons, linens etc. Natural fibres are best so linens and cotton are ideal. Feathered art items are also beautiful additions to a Boho nursery”.

    Images features the Mini Minx set of hand-painted rainbow blocks in earthy tones. It’s sitting on a white shelf.

     Mini Minx Kids - Hand painted earthy tone rainbow

    From decorative pillows for the rocker, the Mini Minx Kids Stackable rainbow, to the Mini Minx Kids Tassel Garland for the wall, or contemporary accents in bedding, there is so much scope to create the nursery of your dreams.

    Think striped rugs or add to that Boho style with a changing basket made of seagrass or other natural fibres. It’s a great alternative to the traditional changing mat and can eventually be used as a toy or book caddy.

     Whatever you do, make your nursery unique by adding a few personal touches when the baby is born. A personalised name plaque or painting. Although it’s a gender-neutral nursery, “consider popping in gender-specific items once bub arrives,” says Emma. “They can be small touches, and you’ve already got a neutral base to work with anyway so pretty much any colour will be an easy addition”.

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     Nursery Shelf decorated with decor in earthy tones. The shelf has a terracotta vase, wooden toy, painted rainbow stacker toy and yarn tassel garland hanging below it.

    Mini Minx Kids - Terracotta Vase, Earthy Tone Rainbow, Earthy Tassel Garland